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Thread: Centrafuse won't recognise my USB SiRF III GPS Receiver

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    Centrafuse won't recognise my USB SiRF III GPS Receiver

    Hi, I am having a problem with Centrafuse 2.0, when I open navigation, it won't display any satellites of get a postition fix. I am using a USB SiRF III GPS Receiver from MoCoSo.

    Here is what I have done so far:

    - Installed the USB-Serial Driver
    - Installed the GPSInfo program
    - Run GPSInfo program- finds GPS reciever on Com Port 10 and baud 4800
    - picks up satellites and fixes position instantly

    Run Centrafuse - set Com Port to 10 and baud to 4800
    - load Australian Map

    and no signal.

    The instructions for the GPS Reciever say to set baud to 57600 but when I do this, the GPSInfo program won't find the reciever at all. I tried all the above with the GPSInfo program opened and closed, with GPS running and not.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Thanks for your help, this forum is fantastic!

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    Set the Comport in Device Manager to 9 or lower, and select same port in CF.

    I have had a few instances of this, and are opting to use COM8 -works very well.

    Your default baud is most likely 4800, protocol = NMEA
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