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Thread: GPS suggestion barometric altimeter

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    GPS suggestion barometric altimeter


    I would like some suggestions for a GPS module that has a
    barometric altimeter
    dead reckoning
    >1Hz update

    Does such a unit exist?

    I have found units with all three features seperately.

    Lots of hiking GPS feature a barometric altimeter.

    There are some that have dead reckoning

    Garmin 18x has 5Hz update.

    I want to record position data very accurately from a GPS if possible in all three dimensions. It is for the usual job of measuring acceleration and power use in a vehicle via OBD port and combining with terrain info to model the performance characteristics of a vehicle.

    Thanks for any suggestions. It might even be possible that I end up getting seperate devices, but then there are issues of whether the data is recorded synchronously.

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    BTW if a unit has two of the three then it would be great to know of it as well.

    Thanks guys.

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