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Thread: Garmin nuvi 1490T Portable GPS System

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    Garmin nuvi 1490T Portable GPS System

    My old GPS has crapped, i wonder get a new one, just find this Garmin nuvi 1490T Portable GPS System, pls check, what do you think, i may finally get it if possible.

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    It may be a good idea to scan here and other threads on it on this site,will probably answer anything you need to know. I have the Nuvi 765, smaller screen than 1490 but graphics much the same, i must say the quality and routing of the unit is top class but i feel as many others do that the lack of detail on the guiding map is terrible, i dont even get route no,s, very few street names no poi's, if Igo or any of the others could route as well as my garmin i would use it as a $500 paperweight.Such a shame their graphics designers havent got a clue,maybe should spend some time with other units. IMHO.

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