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Thread: SXBlue II-L

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    SXBlue II-L

    The SXBlue II-L GPS can also evolve with your needs with its optional features:

    * 10Hz or 20Hz output rates
    * Base Station (standard RTCM-104 output)
    * Proprietary RTCM for sub-30cm accuracy
    * Single Frequency Real-time Kinematic (RTK) for cm level accuracy
    * Carrier Phase for post-processed cm level accuracy

    20Hz !!!

    "Update Rate: 2Hz default, optional 10 and 20Hz"
    Sure it doesn't have 66 channels but only 12, but hell, isn't this just good enough? heheh

    Receiver Type:
    L1, C/A code, with carrier phase smoothing
    Channels: 12-channel, parallel tracking (10-channel when tracking SBAS)
    SBAS Support: 2-channel, parallel tracking WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, and compatible. SBAS Ranging
    L-Band Support: 1-channel, 1530 to 1560 MHz Manual or Automatic Satellite Selection 15s typical startup and reacquisition
    Update Rate: 2Hz default, optional 10 and 20Hz
    DGPS Horizontal Accuracy:
    (SBAS, Omnistar) < 60cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 1**
    (< 30cm HRMS, < 25cm CEP)
    Horizontal Accuracy:
    (Autonomous) < 2.5m 2dRMS, 95% confidence (autonomous, no SA) 2**
    Optional Proprietary RTCM: < 30cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 3**
    Optional L1 RTK: < 2cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 3**
    Cold Start: 60s (no almanac or RTC)
    Reacquisition: < 1s
    Maximum Speed: 1607 km/h (999mph)
    Maximum Altitude: 18,288m (60,000 ft)

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    Ports: Bluetooth, RS-232C, USB 2.0
    Bluetooth Transmission: Class 1, 250m typical range 4**
    Bluetooth Frequency: 2.400 2.485 GHz
    Fully Bluetooth pre-qualified: Bluetooth 2.0
    Baud Rates: 4800 to 57600
    Data I/O Protocol: NMEA 183, Binary
    Data Output Datum: Autonomous: WGS 84 (G1150)
    Omnistar / SBAS: ITRF-2000
    Omnistar (North America): NAD 83
    Timing Output: 1 PPS (HCMOS, active high, rising edge sync,10 kOhms, 10 pF load)
    Event Marker Input: HCMOS, active low, falling edge sync, 10 kOhms, 10 pF load
    Raw Measurement Data: Proprietary binary (Free RINEX utility)
    Correction I/O Protocol: RTCM SC-104, Optional Proprietary format
    GPS Status LED: Power, GPS lock, DGPS position, DIFF lock, Bluetooth connection
    Battery Status LED: 5 LEDs bar graph
    4** Transmission in free space

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    Battery type: Field replaceable Lithium-Ion pack (Rechargeable in unit)
    Battery Capacity: 3,900mAh. 7.2V (Average autonomy: 9+ hours)
    Power Consumption: < 3.8W
    Charging Time: 4-5 hours (with supplied charger)
    Antenna Voltage Output: 5 VDC
    Antenna Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

    Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185 F) 5**
    Storage Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185 F)
    Humidity: 95% non-condensing
    Compliance: FCC, CE, RoHS and Lead-free
    5** Lithium-Ion battery performance degrades below -20oC (-4F)

    Enclosure Material: Re-enforced Nylon
    Battery Case Material: ABS
    Enclosure Rating: Waterproof, IP-67
    Immersion: 30cm, 30 minutes
    Enclosure Dimensions: 14.1 x 8.0 x 5.6 cm (5.57 x 3.15 x 2.22 in.)
    Weight: 517g (1.14 lbs)
    Data Connectors: DB-9 Female
    USB Type B Female
    Antenna Connector: SMA Female

    GPS Frequency Range: L1 (1575 MHz +/- 10 MHz)
    L-Band Frequency Range: 1525 - 1560 MHz
    Gain (without cable): 26.5 dB (+/- 2 dB)
    Voltage: 2.5 - 24 Vdc, 39mA
    Impedance: 50 Ohms
    Dimensions: 6.9 diam. x 1.89 cm (2.71 x .74 in.)
    Weight (without cable): 109g ( .24 lbs) (optional magnet mount)
    Antenna Connector: SMA Female
    Finish: Fluid Resistant
    Temperature: -55C to +85C (-67F to +185F)
    Humidity: Hermetically sealed

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    BLUETOOTH, USB, AND RS232 also!!

    But the price is about 2K lol

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