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Thread: Time jump in Chinese head unit

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    Time jump in Chinese head unit

    Hey there,

    I have a Kovan KT-6110 (Windows CE for the GPS software part) Chinese head unit in my Mazda 3, it works a charm, but there's this irritating time jump that seems to occur whenever I start the gps software.

    When I start the car so that the head unit powers, the time is correct.
    When I start the gps software (either iGO 8 or TomTom 7, doesn't matter), the system clock will turn itself forward by seven hours exactly after a few minutes.
    When I close the gps software, turn the system off and on the time is correct again, until I start the gps software again.

    Is there anyone who knows what causes this? Probably some sort of a time-sync setting between the head unit system and Windows CE?
    I'm not sure where to look and how to fix this problem.

    Thanks a ton!!


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    It sounds as if the region settings are incorrect for your unit or your gps software as in region settings I mean if you have lets say igo set that you are in La but you are in Md, La is 3 hours behind us in Md so the gps will update the time for the region you are in. you may want to check the region time settings in the unit. I had a problem like this on a headunit I had and I had to just change the region settings. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, that did it!

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