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Thread: support computer standby?

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    support computer standby?

    Does anyone happen to know of a GPS model / software that would support computer standby?
    Possibly even re-initialize the GPS antenna when waking up?

    I wanted a GPS system that support instant-on. Pocket-pc would work, but the screens are too small for movies. So I tried a laptop with Delrome + Street Atlas 6. But the GPS consistantly crashes win-xp in the wakeup process.

    Any hints would be appreciated.

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    I use the randmcnally serial gps plus ms streets 98. I actually use hibernate and not standby, so I don't know what happens if I use standby. However in hibernate the gps wakes up compleltly by itself with no complaints and will reaquire on its own. The only problem I have is streets 98 will send a message that it hasn't detected a satelite lock in a while but it will relock and track on its own.

    Something I think might be a problem is USB seems to have a problem waking up so if you are using a USB antenna that might be your problem. I also use win2k.


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