I recently purchased a GPS off of eBay. I was looking for a basic one for the truck to train new drivers with. I settled on one that was $25. It had all the opti`ons I wanted. I received it today and clicked on Navigation. The following error came up.
"The Path is Wrong!Please set again."
So I go into Path Settings and select browse to see what happens and I get a blank file list.

What do I do in this situation? I understand this is a generic chinese unit and isn't well supported lol. There's little information I have on it. It is simply called GPS Navigation system on the box. Google hasn't been much help. System info brings up:
Software version GFR43011010.20090324.V2.0.1
HardWare Version: F4301GBFV_V1.0B
Processor: AtlasIII
RAM Size:64M
Nand Flash Size: 64M
IS: 200903241122000001

It plays the media well and receives the sats but won't allow me to enter that elusive NAVIGATION MODE. I synced it with Activesync but I am not sure what I am looking for. I guess I am a noob.

I'd use my Alpine BB2 in the truck but the wear and tear on the cradle is starting to show I've got City Navigtor NA 2010 and MS Streets and Maps software. Any ideas? Also... no drivers for it! Shouldn't windows see it automatically like my garmin or my Alpine?