Canmore GP-101 provide the GPS handheld device in IPX4 waterproof level for Anti-Splash . GP-101 is the easiest to use personal location finder. Just mark the location and Back Track will get you back to the location with ease and precision of GPS technology.

Application for: Sporting, Hiking, Fishing, Parking, Travel.

Just bought this device because of the compact size. I was willing to pay a higher price for the smaller size, since I do a lot of sport travel and don't have a lot of extra space to be carrying toys around. As it turns out, the software that comes with the GP-101 is superior to what you get with the others

My primary purpose for this logger is geotagging photos, and it works very well for that. The included Travel Recorder software works perfectly for tagging, viewing, and exporting to share with others.

CanMore Sport-Guide Mate is the world’s easiest to use personal GPS navigation device that helps you find your way back to previously marked locations. Never again worry about where you’ve parked your car at a shopping mall or stadium, finding way back to a hotel traveling in a foreign city, getting back to a camp site while hiking in the woods, or returning a favorite fishing spot...

Sport-Guide Mate is a small-sized reverse navigation device that is accurate, easy to use, and gives peace of mind for outdoor activities.

I like that I can see the pace while I was moving, and it lets me know when I need to push a little harder to reach my goals. I've done more exercise in the past two weeks than I've done in the last two years. Funny how a toy like this can cause changes in behavior that you didn't expect.

Never getting lost again outdoors! Finding your way back with 100% confidence!

The GP-101 is optimized for good performance and low cost. Its 65 parallel channels and Venus 6 search bins provide short start-up time and fast signal acquisition. Having fast time-to-first-fix and high sensitivity, the GP-101 offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons

The GP-101 is capable of keeping up to 200,000 records or positions, including longitude, latitude, speed, UTC, and tag data. The location histories can be exported to mapping software such as Google Earth or TrackMaker.

Satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy.

The onboard patch antenna provides good signal reception. It provides fast satellite signal acquisition and short startup time. Acquisition sensitivity of –155dBm and tracking sensitivity of –160dBm offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons having limited sky view.