Okay here is my setup

I have a 800mhz VIA EPIA under the passenger seat with a slim DVD drive, Earthmate GPS installed in my rear Qtr panel with a re-radiating antenna attached to my roof. On my dash attached to a ram mount is a 10in Datalux monitor with resistive touch screen. Computer sound is patched to my car stereo via a FM modulator (until I can find a way to use RCA)

I use this setup for GPS navigation, occasional viewing of DVD's and local television reception.

The problem... I noticed that Microsoft has upgraded it's TTS (Text to speech) engine and was wondering if I can upgrade the 4.0 SAPI Microsoft TTS that Delorme uses or if I can upgrade Delorme to SAPI 5 so I can use a third party TTS engine that I would prefer to use.

Looking forward to your comments.