Had a quick search around here and found this solution already posted i think, But would like to post it here as i think we should have a "Windows CE" section in this software section as its still a good base OS.

Anyway, I purchased a "Nav-Track 4307" last weekend and after a little playing around.. I figured it was time to get it to boot into windows instead of the default menu supplied.

So there has been post and everything else on the web saying todo the shell.ini file and some other file on the SD card and boot up and it should boot into windows...

Firstly, This did not work for this unit.
Second, what if someone does'nt have a SD card... or slot.

So i went with what i know from windows and checked the registry for the usual startup/boot exe....

Okay, So the registry key we need to edit will vary, Depending on what they have used. But the one i was looking for was...
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init\Launch80" which had the value of "MainMenu.exe"

A lot of people had come across the Launch50 as being the key to change, But its a guess and deduction on which of the keys has the actual software launching... The other keys where things like "services.exe/diskformat.exe" and so on.

So in short, I downloaded CeRegEdit and connected to the GPS and changed the Launch80 value from "MainMenu.exe" to "Explorer.exe"

Saved the changes, And cold rebooted my device... This started the device into WindowsCE as it should... From there i just created a shortcut on the desktop for all of the apps that the MainMenu.exe would launch normally.

So if anyone has any questions about this, Feel free to ask