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Thread: Earthmate vs. CoPilot 2003

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    Originally posted by gizmomkr
    My favorite software in the whole world was Sony (Etak) Skymap 2000. It was one ofthe first with voice nav. I still love it ,but its outdated. <sniff> it came together with reciever for 275.

    I tried everything else except Copilot. It SOUNDS great, and I have no problem paying for software im going to use, but there is no way in hell I am going to shell out the cash, (not to mention I will not use anything other than a garmin reciever) before testing it myself... And sadly none of my friends have a clue what to do with a car-pc , so they dont have any software....

    So I just picked up Delorme's Street Atlas USA 2003 - Read through the manual last night , going to give it a try tonight
    Let us know, I am going through the same decision process. I am leaning toward the Earthmate due to cost (3x). The CoPilot would have to be leaps and bounds ahead of everything else to justify the cost.
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    IMHO it is way better than the earthmate software stuff, god I hated the earthmate while I had it, broke down and bought CoPilot

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    Well, (sadly) - I didnt have much time to play, but my old Etak reciever didnt work under Street Atlas. I will play with it some more, but my Garmin unit will be here any day... not going to invest too much more time into the old stuff.

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    i am using the DeLorme Street Atlas 2003 and I find it works quite nicely. Ive never tried co-pilot, it looks awesome thought. The cost of it is just way to much for me at this time.
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