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Thread: good 10 MHZ reciever?

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    good 10 MHZ reciever?

    I'm looking for a good 10 Mhz Reciever for autoX and incar dyno. Can anyone make any recommendations or I'll even settle for a solid 5hz one if the reviews are good enough. Done a lot of searching but GPS is a new frontier for me.

    Right now I'm kinda leaning towards the QStarz BT-Q818XT which has some decent reviews but wanted to see what other options were out there or to hear if anyone had used this one before? I'll be using for AutoXing as well as incar nav. Thanks for the input.

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    I have the 5Hz GM-2 and it works quite well. This replaced a QStarz 818 which died after about 6 months of use. That 10Hz SkyTraq looks interesting but you'll have to wire it up to a usb-serial board.

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