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Thread: Wireless network

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    Wireless network

    Hey I need some help finding a product in a field that I know nothing about. Wireless networks. all those big words like dbi scare me
    I a have a wireless router (belkin) in my house and I'm looking to be able to connect my car to my network while park in my drive way (which is about 80ft away and separated by a wood and solid concrete wall). I dont want to hardwire anything new to the router if it's at all possible.
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    Re: Wireless network

    By wireless router, do you mean access point? There are 3 different wireless access points. 802.11a, 11b, 11g. The most popular one is the 11b but max out at 11mbps. The 11b is avalible in USB, buscard(PCMCIA), compact flash, PCI, and mini PCI. It operates at 2.4Ghz. In reality, it maxs out at around 3 to 4mbps. 11a and 11g max out at 54mbps. 11a operates at 5.4ghz and 11g at 2.4ghz. The only 11g and 11a receivers that Ive seen are the PCI for desktops and buscard for laptops. The signal should go through wooden walls with ease. Concrete walls might cut the singal by a bit.
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    errr... isnt this in the wrong forum? What does this have to do with GPS?

    but i digress.

    If you have an 802.11b router (yes, he meant router) then all you need is an 802.11b card for your carputer. You may need to get an external antenna for the card in your vehicle, but you have given limited information (actually, no information) on your current setup. I would go with a USB ORiNOCO GOLD because you have some flexibility in placement, and it works with Netstumbler. I bought one of these for my truck and it worked great. Picked up the school's network sitting in the parking lot because I had the reciever sitting on the dash.

    BTW, why did you buy a wireless router if you have no wireless cards? This perplexes me. Are you SURE you have a wireless router? Does it have antennas?
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    I didn't know what forum to put this in so I picked the one that said antenna.

    This is my router
    These are my wireless connectors
    the system in my car has no pci wireless network card, but it does has an ethernet. as for using the usb atenna I have now? nope. the damn thing wont even work in my house (my computer is now hard wired to the router, which has 3 cat5 ports).
    I need something strong enough to pick up the weak signal. And I didn't buy wireless cards because usb sounded more flexible than a pci card.
    btw: if you haven't gotten it by now this is not a laptop in any way shape or form. thank you

    Edit: I jsut check out that link you gave and that seems good but a little too pricey.
    My project would be in the works right now..... if I had some money.

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    Search around for a signal booster, that may solve your problem. I know linksys and netgear have them, though not sure about belkin. May not work, so make sure you get one you can return.


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