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Thread: GPS Radio Station Tracking?

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    GPS Radio Station Tracking?

    Had this idea come to me the other day and was wondering if maybe someone had already done it...

    I have to travel around to a bunch of different offices in different areas, and in each area I have a favorite radio station I listen to, only half the time I can't remember which station is on which preset. So what I was wondering is if anyone has written a plugin for one of the front ends (Road Runner is the one I'm probably going to end up using) that tracks your location through your GPS and monitors the signal strength of the radio station you're listening to and automatically switches to the favorite for the area you're in when the signal strength of the previous station drops below a certain amount?

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    It is something I have been wanting to add to OM for a while but have not had the chance. Not the auto switching part, but only display the presets that are local to your current GPS location. I do a lot of long drives where I switch between 3 sets of stations and keep meaning to add it in but haven't.

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    I remember looking into this at one point, I even found an online database from the FCC that had station transmitter coordinates. I had brought the idea up with RR developers, and it didn't get much traction.
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    I have something like this working right now. I have radio presets saved by town, i.e., stlouis.ini, indy.ini, kansascity.ini, chicago.ini, etc. I also have global variables for which town is currenty loaded. I use the GPSExEC plugin so if I am listening to the radio and come within 30 miles of any of these cities, RR copies the current radio.ini to the current town.ini, and then copies the new city.ini to radio.ini and reloads it which also switches to the last station listened to in that town. If Im not listening to the radio when I cross the threshold, my RRCode for RADIO command compares the current city with the radio city variable and if not the same checks for a "radiocity.ini" in the radio folder and if it finds a match it loads it as above.

    Sounds complicated but it works pretty well. Problem is I have to create the cityradio.ini the first time manually. (haven't had time to write the RRCode to do it with a button yet)
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