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Thread: getting mappoint to work with earthmate & a cool gps program i found

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    getting mappoint to work with earthmate & a cool gps program i found

    1) Is there anyway to get the DeLorme Earthmate USB to work with MS MapPoint? Doesnt work because of NMEA compliancy.
    The error recieved is:
    "The GPS receiver is sending messages, but they are not being recognized as NMEA 2.0-compatible. Make sure the GPS receiver input/output format is set to deliver NMEA 2.0-compatible messages at the correct baud (4800 bps)."
    I have SA2003 also but Id like to see what MapPoint with AGPS can do

    2) I also found this relatively cool GPS program called GEM located here
    It uses online map system from Mapquest. Couldnt get it to work with my Earthmate though

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    Wow that GEM program IS pretty cool... for those who don't have a full-featured GPS program. And the aerial photos are sweet.

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    Earthmate is NMEA compatible, AFAIK (I had one, it worked fine with NMEA and S&T and a few other programs that require NMEA)

    "The NMEA output allows the Earthmate GPS to be used with other software mapping programs"

    Oh, is your Earthmate the old one? Because apparently the new USB one is NMEA compatible

    Otherwise you might find this page to be of great help

    GEM is also supposed to work directly with an earthmate, so I don't know why yours isn't.

    Good luck.
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