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Thread: Understanding the technical specifications of GPS

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    I am currently looking for a solution to my needs. I am dealing with motosport (my hobby), and time to time I need to measure my car's acceleration (time vs. speed). For that purpose, I have found one device + software:

    Holux data receiver:

    and Oak Gps analyze software:

    The question is, does the Holux receiver meet my needs? I mean, is it enough for logging speed and time up to a fraction of a seconds? Because the specification sheet says it updates every second, and that is way too much for my needs, or I don't understand the correctly.


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    You really need a device like a Halda etc, or a uPC device that converts distance pulses (from your speedo pickup). From that you calculate speed and acceleration.

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    I am doing this exact type of monitoring now in my project. What you want, in addition to you GPS, is a a gyro (or at least an accelerometer). Save yourself a lot of time and money (as I did not) and buy Phidgets.

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