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Thread: iguidance no more? Alternative?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveDog View Post
    tricky to get Navit to run.

    the navit.xml file doesn't want to open in my xml editor

    I downloaded a map of my area, got the map to center pretty close to my location

    tried removing the linux line in the .xml file to enable windows (somehow the com port settings were correct for my GPS puck)

    Navit now crashes, time to re-install.
    re-install is good. Navit opens a CMD window and a GUI/map window. Seems the only way to exit is to close the CMD window - Ahh, I found it!
    There was an error in the CMD window mentioning a missing bookmark file, I bookmarked a spot within the GUI and the error doesn't show any longer.

    Can't get the map to open centered on my house coordinates, always opens about 40 miles NW ?

    Also cannot get location tracking to work, managed to edit the XML file, following the settings listed in said file, IDK.

    I have been able to embed Navit into RR using Launch, need to work some more as going back to menu and then to Launch doesn't list the other Launch programs any longer, just dumps straight to Navit GUI.
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