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Thread: bu353 s4 Problems

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    bu353 s4 Problems

    Alright guys. I bought a New bu 353 s4 because my s3 crapped out on me.

    And So far.... it sucks. My old s3 could get signal in my garage, this one cant even pick it up 30 seconds out of the garage.

    Ill be driving down the highway, 75mph, on a clear sunny day and bam " The signal has been lost for ....5 .....10.....30......more then 2 minutes (in sygic)

    Any ideas on whats causing the problem?

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Do I have a dud?

    Should I got back to the s3?

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    I have recently bought one and haven't had any issues... Ihave only used it indoors though... in a shielded building on my test bench. Ran for 8hrs without losing signal. Anyone close to you that has one you can borrow to isolate what the problem is?

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