I am using Centrafuse 4.1 with iGo 8.3.1.

I used to use iGo 8.0 with iGoZoomer and it worked a treat. Now I've upgraded to 8.3 and iGoZoomer doesn't work any more.

Does anyone know if there is a version of iGoZoomer that works with iGo version 8.3?

I use a 1024x768 screen and while I can use iGo in Centrafuse at 1024x600, it's not quite fitting properly. Also, iGoZoomer allowed the window to shrink and enlarge as required when you go to/from full-screen view, which I can't seem to find a way to do without iGoZoomer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

iGo8 seems to be the best GPS software I can find with Australian map support, so I'd really like to stick with it, unless anyone has any other ideas for something decent.