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Thread: GPS choice for OEM or ext. GPS antenna

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    GPS choice for OEM or ext. GPS antenna

    Hi Guys

    I had an idea to replace my GPS Demoboard, because it disturbs my radio reception.

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    first i replaced the small external gps antenna by a adapter cable, to connect an other ext. GPS antenna.
    after than i connected a usb to serial with the new gps board:
    +5V -> VCC
    GND -> GND
    TX -> RX
    RX -> TX

    I think it is also possible to connect a Bluetooth Serial Device.
    Good Result after first Test at Home :-)
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    ebay items:
    380935100069 Ublox NEO6MV2 GPS-Modul
    380868454528 USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6 Pin CP2102 Serial Modul
    251560114438 Adapter Pigtail IPX / U.FL to SMA
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    except the problem you told about radio how is the new one related cold time and its signal ?
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    radioproblem exist any more
    maybe i have to put then board inside an iron case.

    don't tested the time. i think it's depended of used antenna.
    the boards has a backup battery, too.

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    I have over 50 of those dev boards in service just in a plastic project case. No problems at all with noise or interference the trucks they are in have a range of radios from am/fm/xm/cb and I have a separate gsm/gps/satellite tracker in there. Have you tried looking at other sources by chance? Just a thought SNO

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    Yes, i think it's a problem of my car installed radio antenna.
    but i don't have an other car to test with other result.

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    Nice Tutorial to change the refresh rate:

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