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Thread: MS Streets and Trips 2004 and resizable fonts

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    MS Streets and Trips 2004 and resizable fonts

    I Finally broke down and purchased MS latest mapping technology and I have to say I'm pretty happy I did. The one thing I really wanted most was resizable fonts for the maps and MS provided this. Now I can actually read street names and just about anything else that would be on a map.

    The package also has route step by step directions and stuff like that, I will be messing with that when I finally get a small keyboard I can stuff into my car.

    One quick question though. Does anyone know how to disable the message that Streets and Trips cannot detect a GPS reciever after the computer wakes up from hibernation? If not, is there some sort of software that could be used to automatically click the continue GPS box that comes up?

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    I used to have a little utility program that you could setup to recognize when a message window popped up and click a button automatically. I can't remember the name now, but I bet if you googled on 'Windows' and 'Automation' or like that, you could find something to do this.

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    I'm wondering if MS Streets & Trips 2004 will work with my GPS. It's an older model of Door To Door Copilot Ver. 2 I think. PS2 and Serial connections. If you don't know, do you what will work?


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