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Thread: Deluo or Delorme???

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    Deluo or Delorme???

    Just looking for a vote for which one works better overall (performance, user interface).
    Also, do you think the ebay items are the same as the "direct from manufacturer"?

    -Thanks, AL

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    Hmm, no vote as I'm not familiar with Delorme, but I have a Deluo in my setup and I'm not very satisfied with it. The thing takes way too long to first lock (~5 minutes), especially in noisy environments (cities), also I need to give it a couple of resets after it has lost sat. lock and it does not properly reaquire.
    At other times it is telling my that I'm driving at altitudes between 8000 and 15000km, but also claiming lock on 7 or more sats!

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    I have the DeLorme although I have only used it once I am fairly pleased with the unit and software, especially for the price. As little as I will actually use it I couldnt justify spending much more.

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    For the price, the DeLorme Earthmate can't be beat. (I assume your asking about the Earthmate.) As I mentioned elsewhere, it is the only one I could find this small that is USB and WAAS enabled for greater accuracy. I've been using it for a couple months and am completely satisfied. It always gets initial lock in less than a minute with a clear view, usually in less than 30 sec.

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    I have a Deluo unit i use with MapPoint. While i've never tried any other receiver, i'm very satiffied with the Deluo. It locks for me within 20 seconds or so..pretty fast. The last time i was in downtown Cincy, i was locked to no less than 8 sats (dunno how good that is or not). The thing even locks inside my house! Just my two cents...


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