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Thread: Looking for italian experiences please

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    Question Looking for italian experiences please

    Hello guys,
    I'm a new member of this community; I came here because I would like some advice on which GPS solution to install in my car.
    I'm new to this stuff, I'm not a programmer nor a "bricoleur". I've a certain experience in PC usage. I would like to hear some advices about which hardware solution you are using, which software, maps, etc.
    I still don't know anything on what I'll buy, but actually I have two options in my mind:
    1. A palm whith mapping software and GPS receiver (but which maps, and do they work well ?? I'm a little uncertain about this)
    2. A full GPS system with 7'' monitor to be installed instead of my autoradio (they are expensive I know, but if they do a good job...)
    I especially need good maps of italian cities, Milan and hinteland particularly.

    So please could you tell me what are your experiences ? What do you use ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I can't give you too much advice as I'm just starting up with this stuff too but I live in Rome, Italy and I'm planning on using Destinator2 with a custom built carputer.

    It was featured on an Italian newspaper (can't remember which one) and got a good review.

    I'm getting a new car next month and I was planning on getting a 'normal' car GPS system but the base price was 1900 Euros. You can build your own (and have fun at it) for less than half of that. Of course if you're not interested in building your own, I'd suggest a getting a PDA as it's still cheaper and buy the desintator kit for it. Also you'll be able to use GPS while walking around the city. I'd love to have that when I'm visiting other cities!

    Good luck!
    Luigi Rosso
    Lead Developer
    RealitySlip Srl


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