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Thread: GPS voice guidance and music...

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    Question GPS voice guidance and music...

    Just about to get GPS in the car and was wondering what solutions are there for voice driven instructions from the application that may interfere with mp3 music? Or does it automatically mute your music on your line? Or is there a way to drive 2 channels from a sound blaster live, and set the app to use one and the other go to the aux? Then you could add a center channel speaker for the voice nav, and pit a muter contol where it will mute line 1 when line 2 is active...that kind of thing. Can someone answer any of these scattered thoughts? Or attempt to help me clean my head on this issue?

    Thanks fellas..and ladies...

    Corey Lipham
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    There was talk (that I started) of using 2 sound cards to do this in this thread.

    My idea is to use 2 soundcards, and set up Winamp or whatever you're using for music on one soundcard, and the GPS navigation on the other.

    Hopefully when the GPS version of MediaEngine 2 is released, I can try this out!!

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