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Thread: Can you Paint external antenna?

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    Can you Paint external antenna?

    The Buick (my project car) will emit GPS information to onboard (or close by) devices via a Bluetooth Socket GPS Receiver. When combined with a D-Link USB Bluetooth DBT-120, this GPS Receiver will feed both the onboard software running on the Mocha box and a handheld unit. Kill two birds with one Bluetooth.
    One of those close by devices will be a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC will be running mapping software. This will let people in the car act as my navigator so I won't have to take my eyes off the road. It will also let people in the back seat operate many of the systems controls. Let's take back seat driving to a new level. "Andy, there appears to be a Marshal's 1.2 miles away and a Pier One Import 500 yards to the left..."
    The Socket GPS Receiver has a great external antenna that will probably be mounted either on the rear deck, inside the car, or externally outside the rear deck between the trunk and the glass. We'll have to see what kind of reception we get if it is placed inside the car. The antenna has a strong magnet that will keep it in place. If it goes outside the car - it will be permanent and will be adheased to the surface somehow. Can you paint these things?

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    no problem. head to the local (good) auto parts store and they'll be able to give you a good painting procedure and paint type. For things to look best and be durable you may need under and overcoats.

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    Make sure its not lead or aluminum based paint.

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    If I was you I would send an email to the manufacturer to see what they use / recommend. Most antennas like that don't like to be painted with normal paint.
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