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Thread: OnStar GPS Interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by openminds
    Well, you definetly found the right alternative....

    We did accomplish this mod in an 03 Chevy Avalanche. This truck had the same system as in my 02. I think GM just throws in what they have on the shelf at the time.
    Actually, I didn't buy the other Onstar receiver off Ebay it was Wayne Dohal. I didn't do a very good job of quoting him. I just ended up using an Earthmate with a serial cable. If I ever tear into the dash again I'll take a look at the Onstar unit to see if it is the newer design.

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    GM is changing the onstar units to a digital ready unit instead of analog only as the older ones where.
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    Sony GPS question

    Hey openminds, do you have some info available on the Sony GPS chip???

    I did so much to get my Avalanche ready for this mod, only to be crushed by having the damn sony chip..

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    Thought I'd drag this to the top.
    First: props to openminds for coming up with this. This is an awesome idea.
    Second: props to all the folks helping with my particluar challange over at
    Together, we're going to get this working in a 2003 Saab 9-3.

    Anyway, what we've determined so far is that there is a Sony chip in there. Specifically a GXB3000 using a CXD2932 chip.
    The pinouts are way different than what you have, but that is to be expected. My biggest hurdle is that I cannot find ANY info on the GXB3000 ANYWHERE. There is loads on the GXB2000 ( ), and they are similar. I can only hope the pinouts are the same.

    Does anyone know where to find a spec sheet for the GXB3000?

    Anyway, I have a 10 pin connector (all in 1 row), and have to determine which is pin 1. After that, and I scrape some dough for the RS232-to-TTL Serial Level Converter, I'll be in business.
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