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Thread: people with copilot - how long does it take to get a sat lock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by villarsrl
    I have copilot receiver (usb 2001) with copilot 2001, would my receiver work with copilot 2003 ? and if it does, how can I get a copy of 2003 ?
    It WILL wok with 2003 and the brand new one too...
    but you would have to buy it...try ebay people sell there old 2003's there since a lot of people have been purchasing the newest one...I haven't heard that many good things about the new I'm sticking to 2003

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    Is tere anyway I can use my USB copilot 2001 receiver with mappoints 2004 ?
    i am having a hard time trying to map the usb port into a com port so that mappoint will detect it !

    Any solutions or suggestions ?

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