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Thread: gps inside engine comp.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX7FDTT
    it uses a usb to serial driver to emulate a com port

    so if I find a software that looks for a gps on USB the problem should be solved?

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    I'm not sure such an animal exists... (usb gps software) since the nemah or whatever standard for transmitting GPS data is a serial text based format.... supposedly some of the Street Atlas software has some higher end GPS receiver that samples more often to calculate error and give you faster response, and more accurate position, but the downside is it doesn't work with anything else at all or just not well... from what I've read...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henke
    is the cheapy USB mouse found on ebay any good?

    (sorry if I havenīt looked deep enough in the formuns)
    been using one for a few months now, the improvment over my old etak unit is phenominal. i cant see it been possible to get round it been detected as a usb to serial converter (or why you'd want to). you've probably noticed that pretty much all routing software asks for the com port you gps reciever is on, this is what the usb to serial converter gives you. its all built in to the unit so you aren't gonna be able to hack it out easily, and if you did manage all you'd have would be a serial line that you needed to hook up to a physical com port anyway, and a whole new issue of needing to find a new way to power it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX7FDTT
    I like it, what's a bit annoying is it uses a usb to serial driver to emulate a com port, which is I guess how most software looks for a gps unit, but why am I running 4800 bps on this thing that should do well over 115200 ?? Legacy BS
    But I think that, that would be no different on another system.
    You are running at 4800 baud because that is what the NMEA spec says serial devices run at. Of course, when it is hooked up to a serial-USB converter it doesn't make a lot of sense to limit it, but that is what most of the GPS chips output at.


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