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Thread: GPS Antenna with RG174 cable

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    GPS Antenna with RG174 cable

    I found a GPS antenna that has a 5M RG174 cable for connection. Would something like this work for a PC based GPS? If so, what type of hardware is needed to support the RG174 cable input?

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    Maybe all you're looking at is an external antenna to connect to a GPS unit, which won't get you very far. RG174 is just a coax cable for RF signals. If thats the only connection, it doesn't sound like you're looking at a complete GPS.

    The GPS units I'm aware of have RS-232 or USB connections for the PC (and maybe a power connection), or a connector like an RJ45 on the Garmin GPS-16 I have which required me to build an interface cable to hook it to the com port on the PC. A GPS unit designed for a separate antenna might use RG174 as the cable between the GPS electronics and the antenna.

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