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Thread: Street Atlas isn't all that great... any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slffl
    Are there any WAAS enabled USB mouse GPS units out there that will function after waking from hibernate?

    This USB GPS has never once failed to come out of hibernation mode on me. It uses its own USB to serial drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragorus
    It is true through the glass "Should" have no effect but I personally have proven that theory completely wrong several times.....Most new cars have uv stuff built right into the glass and you don't even know it.....It is true because my EZpass will not work through the I had to order the license plate mounted one....Back to gps.....I had a through the glass 12 channel gps receiver and it was getting 5-6 satellites in an open field.....when I put it on the roof or out the window it got the full 12 it is in my professional opinion that most cars will create a problem with any through the glass products due to plastisizers and or uv materials & safety glass obstructing most of the signal.......So for the same price get a roof mounted one......

    Links to come...
    Hey, are you ever going the links you promised? I would really like to see what you recommend.

    -el bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by el bob
    Hey, are you ever going the links you promised? I would really like to see what you recommend.

    -el bob
    I wouldn't hold your breath...

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