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Thread: Will this GPS work

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    Will this GPS work

    I found a bunch of these on EBay anyone used them ???

    if so do thay work with Streets or ROutis ?

    USB GPS Receiver for Laptop Notebook Pocket PC NEW!!

    You are bidding on a brand new top-of-the-line GPS receiver. This small device will enable your application software (NOT included) to accurately pinpoint your exact location, calculate your speed and the direction you are heading.

    This is a great device for traveler who does not wan to spend $2,000 on a non-portable GPS system installed in a vehicle. It is a convenient tool for hiking, sailing and driving in a big city or country side. You need to have a notebook computer or pocket PC with USB port and application software to use this device.

    RESELLERS WELCOME - email me at [email protected] for quantity discount prices. Limited time offer, please act quickly.

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    I bought one these (model BU-303 I think there are a few variants around) on ebay (not from that seller). It works well with Navigator and Autoroute 2004.
    The Com port number can be 4 or 5 on my system which means I have to check and edit the settings in the application; I guess though that is a problem that USB->serial devices can have in general.


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    thats the GPSmouse that lots of people here have
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    Yes I have one and it works great with Routis, and I've heard with Destinator and Iguidance as well...

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