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Thread: Grrr! why wont my gps lock?

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    I have my GPS mounted on the dash. Just add a little paint to it to help it hide.

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    Metalic based tints block GPS signals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjm2020
    It took my deluo gps about a half hour to lock the first time. I contacted deluo about it and they said that it is because when you first use it or when you don't use it for a long period of time it takes a little while to get the information from the satellites.
    You can also help the time to first lock-on by entering your current lat/long, if you know it, before you start the gps. Even entering just the whole degrees of lat and long will help the satellites find your position. I believe Street Atlas remembers the last fix lat/long it had, so it will lock on quicker the next time you start it

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    Quote Originally Posted by [H]Bugster
    Ok, i re-located the gps to the windshild of the truck and now it works. Sucks, i dont want the gps in plain view like that. But oh well.

    what i did with my receiver was to put it in the center speaker location. but my car is old and most cars dont have them anymore

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