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Thread: Routis acting strange...

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    Routis acting strange...

    Bought Routis and a DeLuo USB GPS unit. Very very cool.

    During the install, I ran into the ballpoint mouse thing, and ran the reg key to change the settings. Most of the time, things run great. The system seems to be very accurate and I can see 7/9 satellites locked in.

    Every now and then, however, the system just goes nuts. The mouse jumps all over the screen, changes the focus on different windows, screws up Winamp, or just causes the Touchscreen to go haywire.

    Anybody else run into this and know what's going on?

    System = Epia M10000/Lilliput USB Touchscreen/XP SP1
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    You could add the /NOSERIALMICE option to your boot.ini to make sure you are not detecting a serial mouse in error.

    See details here:

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