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Thread: tracking police gps

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    lol, your comment was funny, I was talkin about MGD's comment.

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    i think every thread is now a whoreing thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrataG
    Nothing wrong at all with bringing up old posts. I'm just wondering how it appeared in his new posts.
    Maybe someone edited something.

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    Tracking Police Vehicles.

    I am an amateur radio operator. We use tracking software in our vehicles called UI-View32. It is a piece of software that is used on our computers in our cars that interfaces with our 2 way radios. A GPS receiver sends data to our computer which in turn translates that information into binary data through UI-View an out to the airwaves thru our 2 way radios.

    There is a link where you can download the software. The police departments in my area do use similar tracking software in their vehicles. The police vehicles constantly send signals to the communications center in my county. All cars can be tracked by central dispatch at all times. The signal is sent through the truncating data stream you hear on the police scanner in and around the voice channels you hear the police talk on.

    With some reading and tweaking, you can decipher all of the police vehicles in your county if you figure out what their identifer codes are.

    In my county not only police are tracked, but ambulances and fire vehicles are also tracked.

    Do some reading in the help files in this software and you will be ableto figure it out.

    You will also need the above software called AGWPE to interface your police scanner with your computer sound card. this will allow the UI-View32 software to hear the signals that you need to decipher.

    Hope this helps.

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    i can tell yall here in savannah,ga the cop cars have in car laptop/CADS and their connected over a special frequency for transmitting data.. thats how it works here

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    Interesting! I need to read some more on this issue.

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    not immpossible

    I SERIOUSLY believe that cop cars and the guns are now chipped..the cars however seem to emit a signal for dispatch to receive..granting them a veiw into the cops location..they can't turn em on and off..its like the onboard camera..its if the car constanly beacons a signal..we could receive it as well..also..i can offer a few thousand dollars for a working get to scribbling code or what ever ya app could change so much in the eyes of felow smugglers..and highway pirates...we need to fight back..imagine a life where you never have to accidently bump into the long arm of the long...come on peeps..plant the seeds of change and overGROW the govt'...we need to watch the to have this would millions of others a figgin gol mine....if they can put scrackly lil' robots on mars to scrounge for rocks..we can pick up the signals just like dispath does...

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    it might have been mentioned before in the thread, but if this is not illegal, it is going to be very close--so close that some places might actually ban it--mad civilians are one thing, but mad cops are a political bomb...

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    what ever happened to the rules on this site that have been smeared in my face time and time again regarding talks of illegal activity? Would be a freakin awesome idea though lmao!!!

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    I love the idea. But I'd guess this would also reveal undercover cop cars?

    If it could filter only traffic cops (hate those guys), or marked police cars, I can see no reason why ACLU wouldn't be all over anybody trying to block this.

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    Sanejames is a noob that has yet to work out about replying to 1 year old threads.
    But that's been done before - this is a 6 year old thread!

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