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Thread: Deluo Service?

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    Deluo Service?

    For those who have bought from Deluo's website, how was your experience?
    Fast shipping and prompt e-mails? I think I may have decided on Deluo GPS
    and Routis software but have left two voice messages with no call backs. So I am a little worried. Please post your experiences.


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    I have used their support by email and have been pleased. My first GPS (ovre a year ago) was RMA'd and they were fine about it. I've been pleased, I've actually just ordered another GPS from them for work along with Routis.

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    I have two Deluo GPS and Routis 2004. I had both fast shipping, and I used their techincal support using e-mail, and I got a very fast response.

    Over all I am impressed with both product and service.

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    I ordered my deluo with routis 2004 without contacting them and have been using for 2 months with problems. I'm very please with the product.
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    My expreience is not so good with deluo. My credit card was billed on the 13th, and i have yet to recieve a tracking number. I have left two voicemails and an email with them and they have yet to respond. Does anybody know somebody there i can call or can tell me if this is just how they do business? very unprofessional in my opinion.

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