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Thread: Voice directions through seperate speakers

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    Voice directions through seperate speakers

    Any of you with software that does voice directions, what does it to the MP3 or radio signal. Does it mute or quieten the sound? And any problems running Winamp etc. with it?

    I'm going to be running my PC through a FM modulator, so if want to actually listen to the radio then I will lose the directions. What I was thinking instead was to have a seperate speaker in the car just for voice directions.

    Now I can have surround sound outputs on my soundcard through two output jacks, so the card can handle two audio streams. But the problem would be seperating Winamp from the GPS directions in software. No idea

    I don't even know if you can run GPS and MP3 together, but i'm assuming people here have been doing that.

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    My only suggestion is to use two sound cards, and use software for your music with which you can change the sound card.

    Most applications will by default use the primary sound card, but something like Winamp can use any sound card, as set up in the Winamp settings.

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    Nice one, a more expensive but workable idea. If Winamp can do as you say then that gives me a lot more options.

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