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Thread: Routis has failed me, need an alternative

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    Routis has failed me, need an alternative

    Alright guys here is the problem. Routis 2004 is nice software and all, but the POI database just sucks. As some of you from the bay area meet recall, i got lets figure out why i got lost on my way to fry's. It was beacsue fry's was not on my database.

    Nor could I map it to the in and out because routis will give you the closest 100 resturants within 25 miles. If In and Out was number 101, no luck it did not show up. I could specify the city and find it that way, but what if i don't know the next city name? ...then what?

    Also I have noticed that i can't map it to safeway, vons, albertons, and what ever...

    The mission here is to find good software when it comes to POI. I have done some reading and all we ever really talk about is how pretty the maps are, well i have learned that pretty maps are useless if you have no address to go to.

    So now those of you that have GPS software or know about. Help me out here. What kind of software has an excellent POI database. Go out to your car and see if you can find the closest safeway? see if you can tell it to give you all mcdonalds within a 1000 miles, can you specify all the search parameters?

    Also when you respond tell me where you bought your software from and for how much.

    Thanks all, Avish

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    I prefer Streets and Trips 2004 myself. Voice navigation, voice control and great maps. I was able to locate all of the listed places you had problems with except for frys, that I could not locate by searching.

    I used:
    in n out,ca
    vons, ca
    albertsons, ca

    the results returned were all of those stores/restaurants in california matching those criteria. I'm actually surprised fry's wasn't there. But something to look into if no one else speaks up about something better.
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    Thanks Leddy,

    Now I have a direction to head in. Where is a cheap place to get streets and trips from?

    Thanks again.

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