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Thread: Using BMW GPS MAPs

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    Using BMW GPS MAPs

    Hi Guys,

    Some friends and I are planning to 'try' and create our own Sat. Nav. system, and are just looking around to try and find a base to build off.

    I've managed to get an update CD for the BMW's Sat. Nav. Computer, but not sure how to open and view the data. After inspecting the files, (6 of them, no file extensions) under the ABSTRACT file, its states:

    "This CD-ROM formatted disc contains a digital road map database for the CARiN- and VDODayton navigation systems.
    This disc can be used in `product' target-systems, for the "CARiN on PC" application, and for CARSiM"

    So, the question is, are they any programs out there that can read/extract this information?

    Any information would be appreciated.


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    I think that all map data files for GPS are pretty much encrypted to the software that runs them. They do this so that you don't just buy the reader or just the data. I'd imagine there isn't a program that could share this data. BUT! You might be able to find an SDK for the software that runs that maps data. I use the SDK for Destinator 2 and I've written some good stuff for it. However, Destinator 2 sucks and I'm going to order the SDK for Destinator 3. My point (as far as I've moved away from) is that you can use the map data with the SDK that will read the data. Then manipulate the data to your likings.

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