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Thread: deluo gps driver problems plz help!!

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    Angry deluo gps driver problems plz help!!

    Got my new deluo gps today, when i plugged it in windows(xp pro) found the new hardware. I then loaded the driver off of the cd-rom. after the driver loaded my mouse went crazy, it started jumping arround on the screen making it un-usable. I rebooted it came up with the same problem. I rebooted agian in safe mode uninstalling it and the problem was fixed.

    Does anyone know what is happening or what i need to do to get this working?

    Thanks ahead,
    1999 chrysler 300m
    lilliput 7" vga touch screen
    opus 90 watt ps
    amd athlon 850
    ibm 20 gig 7200 rpm HD (removable)
    128 mb ram
    soundblaster live 5.1 audio card
    Parts I am working on:
    wireless fm modulator ??
    video card ??

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    This has been discussed many times.

    See Deluo web site for solution:

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    either disable tyhe microsoft ballpoint mouse under mouse properties or you can patch the file included with the cd

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