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Thread: Deluo Ordering

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    Deluo Ordering

    im thinking about ordering a deluo usb gps reciever, but i have a question. yes, i have tried emailing deluo themselves, but no reply.

    how long did it take for deluo to recieve your order, and ship it to your door? (ill need to know what state you live in.)

    is deluo the best place to buy from, or an ebay powerseller?

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    it took like 5 days for me because my gf reversed the ship and billing address. but the priorty shipping only took 2 days

    i live in socal

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    i order my deluo gps usb receiver on friday before noon and recieved my unit on saturday. i paid $17.90 to overnight it. shipped to zip code 14623

    you can easily purchase a usb gps receiver on ebay for less cheaper. probably $50-$75/

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    Quote Originally Posted by fondoo
    you can easily purchase a usb gps receiver on ebay for less cheaper. probably $50-$75/
    I have been searching lately and about $90(shipping included) is about the cheapest I have found. I'm generally a pretty lucky ebayer so I think I may have to hold out for one that is a little cheaper.
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