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Thread: HOLUX GM-210 USB GPS Receiver

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    HOLUX GM-210 USB GPS Receiver

    I just picked up a Holux GM-210 USB GPS Receiver and its very small and powerful. I was able to pick up 8 sattelites in doors and 7 from sitting on my cars dash board. seems to give very stable readings and had a battery inside that remembers the last sattelite fix so on a cold startup it gets its bearings very very quick. I was impressed so you may want to pick one up too. I got mine off ebay

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    usb cable?

    does it come with the usb cable? Also what software are you using with this?


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    Got one too - ditto on the results. Im using Streets and Maps 2004, until I find something I like better. It has a PS2 connection on mine, and it came with a Ps2 to USB converter.

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