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Thread: GPS software for carputer PC & GPS Mouse

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    GPS software for carputer PC & GPS Mouse

    Hi guys

    I have a GPS Mouse, at the moment running on a laptop in car. (Soon to be mini-itx pc in glovebox or boot!) I need some advice regarding software.

    At the moment, Autoroute 2004 works great for tracking but I want software that talks back to let you know which turnings to take, etc.

    Whats the best software for this? It needs to be cheap/free if possible! I have heard of Infomap navigator, but any other ideas?


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    Several threads address the pros and cons of various GPS software, below is a good start:

    GPS Software Round-Up

    Not really discussed in the above thread is the new copilot 7 (live):

    New Copilot Reviews?

    Good luck, and hope this helps you

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