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Thread: Capture GPS data at the flip of a switch

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    Capture GPS data at the flip of a switch

    I have a need for gathering GPS data based on switch activity. A truck driver will flip one or more of several switches on a dashboard. When a switch(or switches) is(are) flipped, I need to record a waypoint at the position the vehicle is when switch activity occurs. As well, I would need to record which switch was flipped. For example, if switch A is on and I flip switch C on and turn switch A off, data log "GPS waypoint, switch C on, switch A off". Or if switch B is on, and I flip switch A on without flipping switch B off, data log "GPS waypoint, switch A on". Then if I flip both switch A and B off and flip switch C on, data log "GPS waypoint, switch A off, switch B off, switch C on". Of course there are many different scenarios but the simplest view is to data log "GPS waypoint, switch, off/on" no matter what scenario occurs.

    Hopefully this gives a clear picture of what I'm after.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have tried researching this for a solution and have come up empty after several days of effort.

    Mr. I

    p.s. Note that I am open-ended on the hardware/software configuration. I can go with a GPS-enabled PDA (such as a Garmin product) or a GPS receiver connected to a laptop, or any other similar configuration. If data capture can flow through a data logger then good; if needed to be parsed out and reconciled via software program on laptop then that's ok too. Final results will be plotted in ArcView(most likely) or equivalent.

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    my ngpsd gps daemon for linux should be able to do that...
    check my site at and send me some mail
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    3 switches for a truck driver!! Aren't you going to confuse him??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laidback
    3 switches for a truck driver!! Aren't you going to confuse him??
    Not only confuse him but might make him spill his coffee or drop his donut while trying to flip the switch

    Poor truck drivers ..... they get such a bad rap hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laidback
    3 switches for a truck driver!! Aren't you going to confuse him??
    hey don't underestimate the drivers those rigs can have 10 + gears.
    I have trouble sometimes with my 6 foward gears...
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