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Thread: deluo gps receiver newbie question

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    Unhappy deluo gps receiver newbie question

    i just got my deluo serial gps receiver w/ the randmcnally street finder question is 'm having trouble getting it to recognize the gps unit...everytime I try and start running the goes to AUTOCONFIGURE mode and then displays "unable to recognize... check settings" .. now 'm a total newbie at this so what do I change to make it far as what do I click on the COM ports and other stuff...'m using a win98 O.S. if this makes a difference..

    the connector for the PC side has the serial and male PS2 I connect both to my laptop ?


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    yeah, it gets power form your ps2 port, and sends data through the serial.

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    7 about the COM part..which one do I use or how do I configure the settings so the software would find the GPS unit


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    How about the OUT OF MEMORY 1. How do I fix that???

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