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Thread: Destinator SDK + Destinator GPS Module

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    Destinator SDK + Destinator GPS Module

    Hi all,

    Doesn't Destinator SDK 2 support the destinator GPS module? I've got an old destinator pack (SW Ver. 1 + GPS Module), but the SDK 2 PC version I've downloaded recently does not seem to recognize the GPS module. Within the configuration dialog you can select between NMEA/Sirf standards, but the destinator GPS has got it's own standard as far as I know.
    Was anybody successful in making the PC SDK work with a serial GPS module? Which GPS module would you recommend to build my own built-in navigator based on destinator SDK & a Mini-ITX?

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    no news about that?

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    I bought the original version of destinator with the GPS mouse included, and I have had it working fine with the SDK V2.

    I am however, using it via USB. I think that it is exactly the same device, but mine has a small serial/USb converter.

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    but where i can find the ps2 to serial/usb adapter for the gps receiver?

    no where is written the model of the gps, it has only a plastic in front with written "Destinator".

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