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Thread: Suggest a well priced navigation software for Europe (Germany)

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    Suggest a well priced navigation software for Europe (Germany)

    Normally, I'll be using GPS in the states with Routis, but I frequently visit Germany and was wondering what's a good navigation program that doesn't cost that much.

    This is for when I'm here and have my laptop. So it doesn't really need to be touchscreen friendly either.

    I was looking at Route 66 software, but I want to hear experiences and advice. Also I'm trying to buy the software in English. Thanks.

    BTW, I already have a BU-303 GPS Mouse.
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    I'd suggest Infomap Navigator. For 50 you get maps for the whole of Europe. It might not be as slick an interface as some other products but the price takes some beating! Have a look on Action Replay for more info.


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