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Thread: dual soundcards - seperate soundcard for gps?

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    dual soundcards - seperate soundcard for gps?

    an idea struck me last night to use two soundcards: one for normal audio (music) and then one for strictly gps navigation (tells you where to turn)

    I want to have the audio but I dont want it to be competing over the music
    If I just used one soundcard, the voice would be at the same volume as the music (loud) and would be bothersome. If I somehow managed to get the music to pause automatically while the voice spoke, it would still be bothersome (imo).
    So dual soundcard is the idea I have (since CoPilot allows you to choose which soundcard to output from)

    Good idea? Bad idea? Problems? Alternate solutions?

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    As far as I know, windows will only output to one sound device at a time, you can have more than one installed, but you will need to be manually switching between them. Not sure if copilot overrides those settings.
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