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Thread: best software and GPS mouse

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    best software and GPS mouse

    Hi All,

    Is there a general consensus on what the best mouse and software is at the moment.

    I remember doing a lot of research a good few months ago and came up with Destinator and Leadtek as my prefered choice.

    Unfortunately my work has changed and I don't have the ability to surf at leisure so find it really hard to get back to the computer to check stuff out.

    Do nearly all of my travelling within the UK, have a fully integrated PC in the car so software would be PC, not too sure if I should go for serial / USB / bluettoth mouse, recomendations would be enormously appreciated.


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    i dont know why everyone seems to be getting these GPS anyone actually using the mouse, or is a GPS receiver just coincedentally better if it has buttons and optical tracking on it?

    As i am still exploring my options as well, maybe you could check some reviews on the GPS-only forums, I've seen GPS threads here that link to some useful information elsewhere.....

    As for software it seems that the top two are Routis 2004 and Copilot 2003. Copilot Live just came out as well, but is not as thouroughly discussed as the first two, nor is it favored above the 2003 version...

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    P.S. I just picked one up off eBay, WAAS-enabled....when the rest of the system comes in ill give it a try
    '03 Acura TL PC FINISHED!!

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