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Thread: Destinator 3 with Australian maps

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    Destinator 3 with Australian maps

    ok seems that the other thread was deleted, which in my opinion is a freakin stupid idea considering there was a LOT of useful information on those pages aside from the piracy replies which could have easily been deleted or edited.

    Anyways, anyone know where/when Destinator 3 SDK will be available? or if anyone knows where the Destinator 2 aus maps can be found from?

    So far we have been able to get Destinator 3 aus maps and run then on a PC using Destinator 2 SDK. Problem is routing is not capable to streets and is limited to routing to suburbs. POI DB is also unavailable.

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    heya jaykaye, have u heard of any progress with the group buy..? ur saying with the desinator 2 sdk, u can use the ppc desinator v3 cd that they send u for free, u can manage to get some features to work?

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    yeah - you can. Routing works, but only if you specifically click where you want to go and click "route me here". If you search for a street, it crashes.

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