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Thread: IGuidance 2.0... WOW

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    DOODz! i've been looking for PC/PocketPC GPS software and some healthy user supported reviews. This is great stuff.

    Thank You's to everyone who's contributed to this great thread.

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    IGuidance for Europe?


    This software looks good, are there any maps for Europe available?


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    Great post, this is just what i was looking for, i have been trying to research GPS software and such, and there isnt too much out there for this application other than this board. Looks like i'll be going for the new version of routis, and shelling out the $100+...but that makes me leary like some other people about not being able to try it first...if anyone knows where i can get a copy for evalulation PM me.
    (not am CSE/EE major...stuff like this is how I am probably going to make my money someday, and i buy all the software that I use...this just something that im not sure about....its not like buying M$ Office...when you buy that, you know that Word is going to work where you live, and not display letter that are not what you typed....know what i mean?)


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    Cool no evals or pirated

    yikes, this may be more whinning then a bunch of 5 years olds fighting over crayons. :-P

    there are no evals, and those who are dishing out the $$ are not going to pirate it. the worse that could happen is that you pay for it, and if you don't like it, sell it off here or ebay it.

    *points to sig* sit back and wait for those who don't want to get their hands dirty:-P mine will be mid this week.
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    I don't remember what site I saw it on, but they had something where if you bought a GPS mouse from them you got a 30 day trial of iGuidance.

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    IMHO, it would be best to wait a few weeks or a month for Routis 2005. From what I have been reading here it looks like Routis was a step behind, but who knows if their next version will be a step ahead of IGuidance 2.0.

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    They have been saying that it would be a few weeks since the spring. And they'll continue to do so to keep you from getting the software from iNav. It's clearly in thier best intrest. As was the case in the last version I expect the two brands of the software to be virtually identical with the exception of the titles and file names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supermike
    IMHO, it would be best to wait a few weeks or a month for Routis 2005. From what I have been reading here it looks like Routis was a step behind, but who knows if their next version will be a step ahead of IGuidance 2.0.
    Routis 2005 and iGuidance v2 are the same program with different branding, same as Routis 2004 and iGuidance v1 were identical. If you already have Routis, it probably makes sense to wait and upgrade... Otherwise, it's iGuidance all the way!

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    What are the system requirements for this program?

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